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Supporting Communities in Transition

The transition to clean energy affects people who live near and work at AEP coal plants. We seek inclusive, collaborative partnerships to ensure our communities are resilient and strong, with opportunities for growth, new jobs and economic diversification. Together, our focus on ensuring a Just Transition benefits families, business owners and the community in general.

What is Just Transition?

The idea of a "Just Transition" is that people and communities are not left behind as the nation moves to a clean energy economy. To AEP, this means we are part of the solution because when our communities are strong and thriving, we are also successful.

Sandy Nessing, AEP’s Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, was featured in an EY podcast to share how a Just Transition benefits communities and economies that rely on fossil fuels.

Listen to the Podcast
AEP’s Commitment
AEP will retire approximately 5,300 megawatts (MW) of coal-fired generation this decade, affecting hundreds of employees across our service territory. We have a comprehensive workforce repositioning strategy to help employees find new jobs within or outside of AEP. We also are engaging with our affected communities to identify priorities, conduct community outreach, and develop a plan to ensure a resilient, flexible, growing and vibrant economy going forward.